[Finngen] Finnish Tax census register question

Jaakko Sarell jaskas at sci.fi
Tue Nov 6 02:25:35 EET 2007

Hi John,

It's sexman!
Hopefully junk mail filter does not filter this out ;-)
Other titles seem to be abbreviated härads nämndeman and härads domare.

See definitions at:

Owner's mark is called puumerkki in Finnish, bomärke in Swedish.

:) Jaska

John Kotila wrote:
> While searching the 1850 Henkikirjat register for the Parish of Lohtaja, 
> i came to the very last page for Lohtaja and there were names listed  
> and below them is written "letman" (i think) and "signatures" ( i forgot 
> what they are properly called). Can someone tell me what "letman" means? 
> I believe my GGG Grandfather Johan (Mattsson) Pajunpää is amoung the names .
> Finnish National Archives {Digital Archives}
> link to image pertaining to question
> http://digi.narc.fi/digi/fullpic.ka?kuid=624281&zoom=1&x=1&y=1&sx=400&sy=400
>                                               Regards,
>                                             John Kotila

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